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Fansite Review

We got reviewed by Fansite Reviews. Here it is!


Browser Used: Google Chrome

Platform: Windows 7



-Quality Of Layout

The header to me is “okay”. Not saying it doesn’t have potential, but I feel the navigation is taking away from the header itself and the site title font could be a better choice. The photos and everything else added is great. I also really like the flash, it adds to the header. I’m not too fond of the very bright pink navigation. I also do not like the 1px line around the navigation either. Perhaps a small drop shadow would be better. The navigation doesn’t really match the rest of the layout either.



-Quality of coding

I think the coding has potential as well but the news content needs some work. The sidebar titles are okay but having them all different sizes is throwing me off. I really like the sidebar footers. I don’t really understand the  giant “times new roman” news titles? It doesn’t really match at all. The footer is good as well for the news but I don’t really like the font “times new roman” anyway but maybe a bit smaller and maybe make it inside on the blue? Also the only page that has rollover links is the “Site” page, the rest are bolded and not rollovers.



-Quality of how many times updated

You seem to update the site every day and sometimes more than once a day. The updates are nice and keep the visitors coming back. Great job!

(10/ 10)


-Quality/Quantity of how much content

You seem to have a lot of good information on the site. You seem to have a lot of images as well. I really like the Icon archive because the main photo is like a cartoon and I haven’t seen that on another site before. I would add an interact or fans section for fans who visit the site. Maybe also add Media that includes banners, signatures, etc. for fans to also download and use.



-Presentation of site

Your site is very presentable. It’s really easy to navigate and I can find information easily. The sidebar is very well organized and the news is presented well. Keep up the great work.



-Other/final thoughts

You have a great fansite for Big Time Rush! You seem like a dedicated fan and you update a lot (which is key to keeping visitors coming back). I would add those pages suggested if you can. Not sure if you have a Twitter for the site but maybe add one as well. Social Networking sites are also key for visitors. It keeps them updated every minute online. Keep up the great work!


-Overall Score: (9.1/10)

(The overall score is an average score of all the applicable sections)