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KIISFM: Carlos PenaVega Dishes on ‘Webheads’ and His Wedding

Carlos PenaVega has been very busy lately!

Not only did the Big Time Rush star marry Alexa Vega in January, but he’s also the host of the new Nickelodeon game show, Webheads, and on Monday morning he called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to catch up.

Of course, Ryan and Ellen had to get the scoop on the newlywed life first. ”I can’t believe I’m married,” joked PenaVega, 24. “It’s been five months and I’m still alive.”

Also on the line was KIIS FM’s Manny on the Streets, who just so happened to be a guest at Carlos wedding to the Spy Kids star. “He had some crazy stories,” revealed Carlos.

Like what exactly? ”I ripped my shorts playing beach volleyball with Carlos,” explained Manny, “and it wasn’t a pretty sight.”

“But here’s the best part,” added Carlos. “He ripped his shorts and didn’t realize it until like an hour later. So he’s playing the whole time and everything is just hanging out. … he finds out and quickly grabs a towel.”

In between everything else going on, Carlos is still a member of Big Time Rush … and he revealed that there is more to come from the band.

“We are all kind of chilling right now doing our own thing. We do have a meeting in the upcoming weeks talking about maybe a possible tour in the fall, which could be very exciting. The band never dies, the band’s always together, so we’ll see what happens.”

But until then, Carlos is focusing on Webheads, which premieres on Nickelodeon on Monday, June 2, at 6/5c and airs Monday through Friday.

“Webheads is pretty crazy,” he excitedly explained. “We basically took all the funniest videos on the Internet and made it into a game show. So we got kids coming in and … in Round 1, guessing what happens next. Say Manny has a video and he’s going for the dive and we pause it right before Manny’s dive and say what’s going to happen next. Is it going to be A) he’s gonna face-plant in the sand, B) his pants are going to rip, or C) he’s going to get an awesome save. And if you get it right, you get points.”

And the prizes are just as great as the game! “We gave out flat-screen TVs, Xboxes, some girl won a two-week trip to Hawaii,” Carlos described. “I was like, ‘Wow, can I go with you?’”

Webheads, which is from Ryan Seacrest Productions, premieres on Nickelodeon on Monday, June 2 at 6/5c.

hear the interview here!

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