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Kendall announces Heffron Drive acoustic album release date and show!

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For the past few months, Kendall Schmidt & bandmate Dustin Belt have been working on releasing an acoustic version of their album “Happy Mistakes” by their band Heffron Drive. Today (March 14th) Kendall announced on his twitter account (@HeffronDrive) that the album entitled, “Happy Mistakes: Unplugged”, will be released on April 28th 2015 and will be followed by an unplugged album and video release party at The Mint in Los Angeles on April 30th. Tickets for the event go on sale March 18th at 12PM PDT on TicketWeb (CLICK HERE).

Kendall Schmidt talks Heffron Drive’s new Acoustic album “Happy Mistakes Unplugged”!

"Happy Mistakes: Unplugged" Little teaser for the awesome video you will see soon :) I can't wait!! #HappyMistakesUnplugged

A video posted by Kendall Schmidt (@kendallschmidt) on

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been waiting for more information on Heffron Drive‘s upcoming acoustic album. Well, take a deep breath, PopCrushers, because we got all of the details on Happy Mistakes Unplugged — straight from Kendall Schmidt himself! From which tracks are included to where it was recorded to the very, very special guest vocalist, Kendall gave us all of the info on the project. And, because he’s super awesome, he even shared an exclusive teaser, which you can view in the video on our Instagram!

I’m really excited for this album!
Thank you! I’m excited about it too. A lot of very passionate and loving work was put into it, so I’m happy that it’s coming out. It was a lot of fun to make.

How did the idea for an acoustic album come about?
It’s always been something that you think about, at least in the music that I grew up listening to. I listened to a lot of pop-punk bands — honestly, I’ll even venture to say emo bands — and oftentimes they would make acoustic records for their otherwise more intense songs, and I always thought it was kind of cool. My music is far less emo than the stuff that I listened to, but it’s still the same thing. I always kind of thought it would be cool to do acoustic renditions of everything. Plus, honestly, I play acoustically all the time because it costs money to get a band moving around places. A lot you’ll just be playing acoustic.

Do you have an official name for the album?
Happy Mistakes Unplugged. I was saying Happy Mistakes Acoustic for a while, but the album artwork, you will find out later, lends itself to being “unplugged.”

Is Happy Mistakes Unplugged the same songs as the original album, just acoustic?
You’re exactly right. The deluxe record of Happy Mistakes had 16 songs, the regular one had 11, but one of them was a minute-and-a-half interlude kind of thing. So we pretty much copied the regular record, which was 11 songs, and we didn’t do the interlude because it was kind of a weird synth-y kind of thing. We didn’t do an acoustic version of that. It’s 10 songs and it’s in the same order that the actual album is, and they’re each a little different. There’s a surprise guest on one of the songs, which I’m really anticipating that everyone — I mean, everyone that knows about it [is excited] and I think there’s a lot of other people who will be excited too.

“Unplugged” reminds me of early-2000s acoustic albums.
That was me growing up in music … You’re 26, I’m 24 … Two years is not that much, so we were listening to the exact same content. I used to listen to all that unplugged stuff. When AOL Sessions used to be at their biggest, you know? That was always cool. I used to love that. It’s sort of a nostalgic thing for me to release an acoustic record, but I think I don’t really see a reason not to do it for every big record you put out full-length because you end up playing acoustically a lot … You might as well let the people hear what they want to hear.

Did you ever listen to the Punk Goes Acoustic compilation albums?
Yes, absolutely. Those are the ones I was talking about … One of my favorite songs in general is “Cute Without the E” by Taking Back Sunday and their unplugged version — maybe they have more than one — but at least the one I have on my phone and I’ve had for a long time, it’s honestly, it’s weird because they kind of sound awful at parts, but that’s sort of what makes it so great. They sound like they really don’t care and it was recorded maybe in a hotel room. That’s one of my favorites of all time, that one.
“It’s sort of a nostalgic thing for me to release an acoustic record, but I don’t see a reason not to do it for every big record you put out.”

Did you record your unplugged album in any cool places?
Actually, I did it in my home studio. TOLBooth Records is my record label and this is the studio that I built to do everything. It’s the first body of work that was 100 percent completed in-house. That’s honestly why I’m super stoked for it. Another reason, because it was a huge amount of actual work to do, and it was something that I wanted to take on myself as a producer. Obviously, Dustin [Belt] was a huge part of the recording process, but it’s something that I really wanted to take full responsibility on. It turned out really cool.It’s kind of ironic because my favorite kind of music, at least stuff that I just lean toward, usually has some kind of electronic content or is upbeat in some way. Whenever I play people my acoustic stuff, they’re always like, “I love that so much more!” And I’m like, [laughs] “Alright, cool. Well, I’m glad the acoustic versions of the huge versions I spent so much time on are what people actually enjoy.” I think it’s kind of interesting.

I think it’s a huge compliment in a way. You’re not hiding behind really great production, but you sound great when it’s just you and a guitar.
Thank you. Besides one part on one song, on “Had to Be Panama,” besides this one small part, the entire album is just one lead vocal. No layering of anything. It’s just all of the vocals you hear, it’s just one lead vocal throughout the whole song. It’s something I wanted to try. In actual pop production of music, of course you layer vocals and stuff like that. Lots of people have different techniques about it, but I just wanted to use as few tracks as possible for it, so we just kept it to one — besides the guest vocal. I’m excited because it’s very unexpected. Especially since the person who did it is kind of a mysterious person. I’m very excited about it.

Do you have a favorite song to perform acoustically?
I was doing some live session stuff recently, so I got to perform five of them tons of times. Tons of takes. I got really familiar with quite a few of them and I think of those, the ones I’ve played the most — “Art of Moving On” is a song I really like performing acoustically because I really get into the vocals. Not for every guitarist, but some guitar parts are really hard to sing and play at the same time. When there’s a song where I get to kind of take a break and do a regular strum pattern and I can kind of focus on the vocals, I really appreciate it. That’s “Art of Moving On,” so I really enjoy doing that one.


Spare Parts in theatres today!

(click image above to see theatrical listings)

The day has finally come Spare Parts hits select theatres today. You can view which theatres are showing the film by clicking the image above. Here’s the synopsis and trailer for he movie:

Four Hispanic high school students form a robotics club under the leadership of their school’s newest teacher, Fredi. With no experience, 800 bucks, used car parts and a dream, this rag tag team goes up against the country’s reigning robotics champion, MIT. On their journey, they learn not only how to build a robot- they learn to build a bond that will last a lifetime.

‘Big Time Rush’s’ Carlos PenaVega to Guest Star on ‘Instant Mom’

The actor and singer will make his first scripted TV appearance on the Nick at Nite series since “BTR” ended last year

“Big Time Rush” fans are in for a treat.

Star Carlos PenaVega will make his first television appearance on a scripted show since “BTR” ended last year on Nick at Nite’s “Instant Mom,” TheWrap has learned.

PenaVega will guest star as a love interest for… wait for it… Sheryl Lee Ralph’s Maggie. On the episode, Maggie bribes James (Tylen Jacob Williams) and Aaron (Damarr Calhoun) with the promise of a snow machine to pretend to be her younger brothers when she starts dating a younger man (PenaVega), who happens to be blind.

The actor and singer will shoot the episode this week in L.A.

“Instant Mom” stars Tia Mowry-Hardrict as Stephanie, a former party girl who becomes a full-time stepmom to three kids when she marries the more traditional Charlie (Michael Boatman). Stephanie manages to keep it all together with the help of her mother Maggie (Ralph), she learns what being a mom really means. It also stars childs stars Sydney Park, Tylen Jacob Williams and Damarr Calhoun.

PenaVega starred as Carlos Garcia on Nickelodeon’s “Big Time Rush” for four seasons. He was also a member of the band of the same name. His TV credits include appearances on “Summerland,” “Judging Amy” and “ER.” He also hosts the Nick game show “Webheads.”

APA represents PenaVega.


Carlos to guest star in Instant Mom!


Happy Monday! Doing a guest star on #instantmom this week!!

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James & Carlos join the 18 for 18: Project Rescue team for #OperationGirl!


James Maslow and Carlos PenaVega have joined the 18 for 18: Project Rescue team for #OperationGirl! The #OperationGirl Charity Challenge is a fundraising campaign to benefit charities that focus on women and girls.
Carlos and James are part of the 18 for 18: Project Rescue team. The Organizer, Friends to Mankind have written the following on both James and Carlos’ fundraising pages:

Friends to Mankind wrote –
This year we are trying to raise $100,000 to fund rescue missions and rehabilitation for the victims of sex trafficking around the world.
Every year, over a million women and children will be sold into this horrific industry where girls as young as 2 years old are being pulled from brothels. These Women and children have no real support system on the outside, making escape or rescue almost impossible. Our goal is to make sure that no woman or child ever reaches out for help and can not receive it due to lack of funding or awareness.
This year we are supporting three amazing charities that are leading the way in the battle against Sex trafficking:
NEW LIGHT: Led by Urmi Basu, New light was created for the protection and education of victims of trafficking, women in prostitution, and children rescued from the red light areas.
Also, New Light is creating safe havens, education, and a loving environment for the children of sex workers, breaking the chain and giving these children a future (INDIA)
Maiti Nepal. Led by Anuradha Koirala, MAITI Nepal was born out of a crusade to protect Nepali women and girls from crimes like domestic violence, trafficking for flesh trade, child prostitution, child labor and various forms of exploitation and torture. Maiti Nepal has three prevention homes, nine transit homes, two hospices and a high school.
AFESIP. AFESIP Cambodia works to care for and secure the rights of those victimized by human trafficking and sex slavery, and to successfully rehabilitate and reintegrate survivors into mainstream society through financial independence in a sustainable and innovative manner.
Please donate or join us by creating your own fundraising page and help us end human trafficking together.

You can donate to the cause on either Carlos or James’ fundraising pages.
James Maslow’s Fundraising Page
Carlos PenaVega’s Fundraising Page

Happy Mistakes Album Cover + Tracklisting Revealed!

Standard version:
1. ‘Happy Mistakes’
2. ‘Parallel’
3. ‘Division of the Heart’
4. ‘Had to Be Panama’
5. ‘Nicotine’
6. ‘Interlude’
7. ‘Art of Moving On’
8. ‘Passing Time’
9. ‘Could You Be Home’
10. ‘That’s What Makes You Mine’
11. ‘Everything Has Changed’

Deluxe version includes:
12. ‘One Track Mind’
13. ‘Not Alone’
14. ‘Love Defined’
15.’ Parallel’ (MACK & Jet Set Vega Remix)
16. ‘Could You Be Home’ (RAS Remix)

The album is due out September 9th 2014!
You can preorder the album on iTunes using the following links:
preorder standard edition | preorder deluxe edition

Heffron Drive album title is revealed!

Heffron Drive’s front man Kendall Schmidt revealed the new album and tour name today to his 2.29 million followers on twitter! The album and fall tour will be called “Happy Mistakes”. The album is set to release this fall from Kendall’s very own record label, TOLbooth Records. The tour dates and album release date will be announced soon.

Attend Kendall’s StageIt show!


Big Time Rush & Heffron Drive’s front man Kendall Schmidt is doing a StageIt show on Sunday July 27th 2014, live from his studio in LA. The popular live streaming website is a great way for artists to connect with fans. The website runs on notes. A currency that you can buy via the StageIt website to buy tickets for yourself, other people and to tip the artist you’re watching. Many artists have used this website to stream live concerts and special live chats to their most dedicated fans such as Karmin, Megan & Liz, Carly Rose Sonenclar and many more. You can purchase a ticket to Kendall’s show for 70 notes (10 notes = 1 US dollar) and can purchase additional notes for the show to attempt to win some pretty sweet prizes. You can view more info, the tipping prizes and buy a ticket by heading over to by clicking here.

BTR reunites for Katelyn Tarver and David Blaise’s Wedding!

Former Big Time Rush starlet Katelyn Tarver and her longtime boyfriend David Blaise announced their engagement earlier this year. The couple tied the knot last night (July 19th 2014) surrounded by some of their closest friends and family including Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Logan Henderson, Carlos & Alexa PenaVega, Tanya Chisholm, Lucy Hale and many more. Congratulations to the happy couple! Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!
Katelyn and David had a photobooth at their wedding, courtesy of, I’ve added 5 photos of the guys and friends in the photobooth to the gallery!

July 19th 2014 – Katelyn Tarver and David Blaise’s Wedding Photobooth

Gallery Link:
Home > Appearances & Candids > 2014 Appearances & Candids > July 19th 2014 – Katelyn Tarver and David Blaise’s Wedding Photobooth