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BopAndTigerBeat – EXCLUSIVE: BTR’s Universal Orlando Concert — We Were There!

We flew all the way from Los Angeles, California to Orlando, Florida (that’s 2,510 miles!) to hang with Big Time Rush before their concert at Universal Studios! We had such a blast getting a VIP tour of the theme parks, and then of course, hanging with Big Time Rush before watching their show. Pre-show, we hung out with Carlos, Kendall, James and Logan in a super secret location on a balcony overlooking the park. The guys are exhausted from traveling and performing all over the country on their Better With U tour, but they always make time for the fans… and BOP & Tiger Beat, of course! We can always count on two things when we see BTR: One, they flood us with hugs and kisses, and two, they crack us up — this time by randomly having a conversation about perfume.Carlos said we “smell incredibly amazing,” and the guys all laughed and agreed. So fans, here’s some advice: If you do a
meet and greet with BTR during their upcoming Big Time Summer Tour, we recommend a few spritzes of your favorite scent because you’ll certainly stand out and gain the guys’ full attention!Just when we thought our trip couldn’t possibly get any better, it did. We were escorted to the VERY FRONT ROW during the concert! We were SO close that we stood in front of the barriers holding back the audience. After jamming out to their opening songs, “Big Time Rush,” and “Time Of Our Life,” Logan walked off the stage toward us to greet some lucky fans, and when he got back on stage, Logan noticed BOP & Tiger Beat in the front row, and he pointed JUST TO US, flashed an adorable smile and waved! Swoon!Want that kind of special treatment when you see them on tour? The guys say one of the best ways to get their attention at a concert is by having a good time, and boy did we ever (check out June Tiger Beat for the exclusive details as BTR spill ONLY to us about how to get them to notice you in the crowd)! Check out our EXCLUSIVE video of BTR performing “Nothing Even Matters,” for a look at what may be in store for Big Time Summer Tour! Read the rest of this entry @! »


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Big Time Rush Arrives At The Selena Gomez Unicef Concert

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