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James Maslow, who plays James Diamond on the hit show, recently did a an email Q&A with the Tulsa World. He talks about the show, the reaction to the buzzed-about samples of alt-rock band Blur in the band’s new single, his fans … and why he always gets goose bumps before a concert.

Q: How has response been so far on this tour? What’s your favorite part of touring?

A: Response to the tour has been great. The shows have been crazy; so much fun, and there are so many people. The energy is awesome. My favorite part of touring is definitely performing live and getting to see and meet so many of our fans. They mean the world to us. We are so thankful to be on our second headlining tour.

Q: What can fans expect at your live show?

A: Lots of dancing of course, and there will be a ton of cool things to watch. I love music and going to concerts, but I get a little bit bored if somebody just stands there and sings. There are four of us, and we’re constantly moving. We throw in acrobatics. There will be pyro and some other surprises. We are covering a couple of Beatles songs this time around. We get fans singing and try to create a really phenomenal experience for everybody.

Q: What is your first thought when you hear those high-pitched screams when out in public? Girls seem to lose vocal control around you guys.

A: I always get goose bumps every time we are about to go on stage and I hear the crowd screaming. I don’t even know how to explain the feeling. We really do have the best fans in the world; they’re so creative and loyal. They come to all our shows and know all the lyrics to our songs – what more could you ask for? We love them.

Q: How does Blur feel about you sampling one of the most recognizable pop-rock riffs of all time – complete with the “woo-hoo” on your single “Windows Down”? The song surely sounds like another modern-day summer anthem.

A: I’m really excited about this song, and I’ve been a huge fan of Blur for a long time. “Windows Down” samples parts of “Song 2” by Blur, but we add our own creative flair and style to create something different. It’s a song that will appeal to people of all ages. I’m 21 years old, and I would blast this thing day in and day out.

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Kendall talks to the Dallas Observer

Being in a successful boy band and having a hit TV show is hard work. Just ask Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush. Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, Schmidt was singing by the age of three and acting by the time he was ten. In 2009, Schmidt was cast as the leader of the band Big Time Rush. Over the past three years, he and the rest of the actors/musicians began writing, recording and performing music outside of the Nickelodeon show, and over that time, they have sold almost four million singles and are putting together their third full-length album.
Speaking from a practice facility in Los Angeles and in anticipation of Saturday’s show at Gexa Energy Pavilion, Schmidt was fairly candid about making the transition from boy band to adult pop act.
You are both an actor and a singer. Do you have a preference?
I guess I don’t have a preference. I definitely grew up acting. That’s really the only thing that I’ve done my whole life. I love doing it, but I also love singing, even though that came into my life later on. It’s something I think about all day. It’s got to be a bit of both, but I really love music.

You’re 21, but Big Time Rush is often identified as a “boy band.” How does a boy band make the transition into an adult pop act?
I think the transition is natural for us. The first album was a made-for-TV album. The second one we wrote and it helped establish more credibility. The most important thing is to make songs people can dance to and songs the kids who first started watching the show can still enjoy.

You look at a band like Hanson that seemed to have trouble making that transition. Do you worry about remaining popular and relevant?
I don’t know. I’ve never thought about the longevity of this band. We’ve just kind of went with working hard. As long as people support us, we will continue to do what we do. We are all young. We are all 21 and 22. There is plenty of time in life. We work well together and enjoy making music together. We spent 12 hours a day together for the last four years. We are better than best friends; we are brothers. Of course, we sometimes get sick of each other. I’m sick of them today, but I can’t stay mad at any of them. I am sure we get on each other’s nerves, but we’ve had the understanding to keep working hard.

Have you noticed a change in the demographics of the audiences? I imagine that early on it was just teenage girls who came to the shows.
That’s the thing we’ve had that is different from some other boy bands. We have a lot of boys from the age of 7 to 13. That’s a market a lot of people don’t have. Of course having four guys in the band is going to bring out the teenage girls. The audience now is really all ages. I’ve seen grandparents at our concerts. I’ve seen parents who are more excited than their kids.

You are writing and recording a new album. Any big changes in store?
Not many differences, but this time we worked with a lot of different producers. With each producer, we get a new flavor in our music. We are about to go on the road for four months. Then we will be flying some people in and record more songs. We will see what interesting things we can come up with.

I read where the band made eight million dollars in 2011. Does the quick rise to stardom boggle your mind? Such success is a long way from growing up in Kansas.
Where did you get that number?

From a number of sources.
That’s wonderful. That’s a great number. Yes, that is a long way from Kansas. I grew up thinking that it would be great to play in front of 2,000 people. Now, I feel like I am running from show to show. I have to do it. I look at it as the coolest job in the world. It’s definitely challenging.

Who is your favorite rock band?
When I was a teenager, the band that really inspired me was Taking Back Sunday. Incubus is pretty much my all time favorite band. I think the Foo Fighters are one of the last great rock bands.

Could you be in a band that made music like the Foo Fighters?
Of course, I can see myself playing whatever music goes through my head. Even before Big Time Rush, I was always writing music. I would have a rock song and then I would have an electronic song and then I would have a love song. My style is always changing. I would love to work with people like that one day. I’ve tried to get to play with John Mayer, but he is a busy guy.

You guys did a Christmas song with Miranda Cosgrove from iCarly. She can’t really be that sweet and nice, can she?
Yes, she is. I know that’s disgusting. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

What about Katy Perry? Your video for the song “Windows Down” was number two to Perry’s video for “Wide Awake.” Don’t you have to hate her?
No, I love Katy Perry. I am a huge Katy Perry fan. To even be close to Katy Perry as far as music videos go is incredible. I hear that she is starting her own record label and that is pretty cool.

Big Time Rush performs with Cody Simpson and Rachel Crow on Saturday, July 14, at Gexa Energy Pavilion.

Source: The Dallas Observer

Concert Review | Big Time Rush: Boys get a bounce from area’s fans

There was a five-minute countdown before Big Time Rush hit the stage last night at Nationwide Arena. Kids wearing T-shirts that proclaimed their love for “BTR” squealed in anticipation, especially as the clock on the video screen hit the last minute. At 10 seconds, screams filled the air, and hand-drawn signs and glow sticks were raised as the lights went out.

There was a dance beat, but the pop singers failed to appear at the start of this, the first stop on their “Big Time Summer Tour.” The video screen showed a man, presumably their manager, in a panic when he couldn’t find the boys in their dressing room. Flash to an SUV with our heroes riding along palm-lined streets. BTR busts into an arena, rushes through a labyrinth of halls and — next thing you know — they are on the Nationwide stage, singing Elevate to the delight and relief of all.

Big Time Rush — Carlos, James, Logan and Kendall — put on a crowd-pleasing 90-minute show that featured good dance beats, good harmony singing and upbeat lyrics about partying, seeing one’s inner beauty and being a devoted boyfriend. This latest in a long series of boy bands pulled out all the stops with multiple costume changes, confetti, beach balls, steam machines and pyrotechnics. They also had a cool multilevel stage that obscured a four-piece live band and featured a trampoline, angled ramps and poles to slide down. The guys bounced on the trampoline at times, even doing a few flips.

The kids also bounced to BTR’s tunes, such as Time of Our Life, The City is Ours, Boyfriend, Music Sounds Better with U, and the current hit Windows Down (which cops some of Blur’s Song 2).

Perhaps as a nod to the generation accompanying the children, BTR also sang The Beatles’ I Wanna Hold Your Hand and Help! The parents and chaperones might also have appreciated that BTR was squeaky-clean and the show ended at precisely 10 p.m.

Cody Simpson, a 15-year-old pop singer from Australia, was the middle act. Simpson was a mix of Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake, with a smooth voice and dance moves to match.

Rachel Crow, a 14-year-old pop singer first seen on The X Factor, opened the show.


BTR covers Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend!

Big Time Rush fans arrived at the Columbus, Ohio venue on Thursday night ready to dance the night away. The boy band kicked off their summer concert tour with their concert mate Cody Simpson and Ohio was the first stop. Showing off their vocal skills, there was no doubt the fans were impressed as this was some of the best music from the band so far.

The fans had to be impressed when Big Time Rush covered Justin Bieber’s single Boyfriend. While some might think it was just another cover, the fans in Ohio definitely got to hear a version of the song that could be considered better than the original artist. In perfect harmony, the guys seemed to impress everyone as the chemistry was perfect.

If Big Time Rush fans find their way to the concerts this year, the performance of Boyfriend is one not to miss. Not only is it perfect, but it shows just how talented the guys really are during a live show.

Take a look at the video clip of Big Time Rush performing Boyfriend.


Ed Sheeran Cover Face-Off!

Clearly we have a little thing right now for Ed Sheeran (yup, he’s even cute as an old man), so when we discovered that TWO of our fave boy band members covered Ed’s recent hit, “The A Team,” obvs we were alllll over that. “And what a perfect idea for a Celeb Battle!” we thought to ourselves.
So as this week’s competition, we’re pitting One Direction‘s version (led by Niall Horan, BTW) of the song against Kendall Schmidt from Big Time Rush‘s. But ladies and gents, please don’t use this as a Boy Band battle — we’ve already done that — but instead, put your focus on the music. Whose Ed cover is better? Whose voice makes you swoon even more? We’ve got videos of both versions below to help ya cast your vote!

click here or click the image above to vote!


Nickelodeon Hosting Big Time Monday

With One Direction kicking off your weekend on Radio Disney, why not enlist the help of Big Time Rush to help bookend it on Monday?

Get ready BTR fans, because Nickelodeon is getting your week started off right with Big Time Monday! Fans across the nation have been tuning in for America’s hottest new guessing game ‘Figure It Out.’ On the latest episode, you’ll want to join Logan, Carlos, Kendall, and James as they put their heads together and try to figure out the hidden talents of the contestants on ‘Figure It Out’ starting at 7:00p.m. ET/PT.

The night continues immediately with a brand new episode of ‘Big Time Rush.’ Can the boys handle their new found fame after they return from their world tour? Seriously, they can’t go anywhere without being asked to take a picture or sign an autograph! And even with all of the ladies asking for their hands, each of the boys already has a special lady in mind, and they each want to reconnect with them. You can reconnect with your favorite group in “Big Time Returns” at 7:30p.m. ET/PT only on Nickelodeon!

We’re so glad to be able to wind down on Monday with BTR, we almost wish it was here right now!


Big Time Rush talks tour, Hawaii, season 3 and prom!

source: Celebuzz


Big Time Rush may have a new career as… news reporters??? They appeared on Good Day L.A. today and I think they might have a fallback in case that silly singing career of theirs doesn’t work out – lol!

They look good on camera! If you could have a celeb be a news anchor, who would you choose?

source: Popstar Magazine

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